015 How does Last 90 Days and Food relate?

What are we doing for our last 90 days. That is the big question this week on the Squirrellymamas. Do you think we answered it right away? Ha leave it to the Squirrellymamas to get sidetracked. Well not really because one says that is the focus of her last 90 days a week of recipes. Now to see how she is doing next week is the question. We did squirrel off to a topic about CoVid and how it is still affecting us. Basically we do need to come to terms that it is part of our lives now so how will we deal with it going into the new year!

We still are getting our feet wet with this podcast thing if you haven’t notice. Just keep coming back cause you never know what will discuss. Thanks for visiting Squirrellymamas Chatter Podcast.

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