057 What are we doing and how we are being affected.

Squirrellymamas first catch up on what we have been doing this past week then off to recognizing it soon will be the last 90 days of the year. What is our plan, hmmm we will see. Only time will tell if we stay on track and focus on the changes we want to make. Then as squirrellymamas do we get sidetracked. Is the president doing his job or is he doing the best he can for what he has to deal with. Our borders are being flooded with people. Are we okay with that? Are we compassionate and understanding or does it bother us a little that there is limited control on how someone enters the country. All is concerning but at least we are talking about it. We all have our opinions and that is okay because we are three out of millions in the country with their own opinion. We are just sharing ours.

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