038 How to make healthier choices and welcome support

Do you ever notice when people are on a diet it ends up consuming their conversation. Well this is no different. Food is on our mind. Learning new recipes, reading all the ingredients and just sharing our experience through this process is forefront to our daily conversation.. Let us not forget exercise. Well we agreed 30 days of walking/exercising for 20 minutes a day and if that does not happen we sing the song “Oh I wish I was an Oscar Meyer Weiner”. Do you think any of us had to sing, LOL!

Jill was busy today but she did pop in to share her experiences.

With our parents making their choices at their age it is affecting our choices today. Emotions are high. It is okay for us to say what we want to eat or not to eat but when others are being supportive we have to embrace their support not be offended by it. Ugh we are human, we are learning. We take inventory of our emotions and realize we need to own it when we are wrong.

Changing our eating habits can affect us emotionally and physically. Great on the physical part its the emotional part that must keep up with acceptance. We don’t have to do this alone. We have each other.

How do make healthier choices for yourself without forcing others to eat the same way? Do you notice that the conversations around healthy eating consumes most of the conversations? Do you share it with others who are not on the same diet as you? How do they react?

Its your life your body. Embrace the change.

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