035 How to set incentives give rewards, take time for self care and appreciate life

In this week’s episode we touch base on a variety of topics. The squirrellymamas have a 30 day challenge to exercise 20 minutes everyday for the next month or else we have to sing the Oscar Meyer Weiner Song. Yea who is going to do that? Ha I am assuming we are all tone deaf because we do not want to sing that song so we are all staying true to the challenge.

What motivates you? Will a reward like dangling a carrot keep you motivated or are you competitive. That is a good question. What ever it takes to motivate you to take care of your health and well being it is important to do so. Life is precious and we were reminded this week of how life can be taken from us in an instance. Embrace your day. Appreciate your life. Live it. Don’t sit on the sidelines of your life, get out and do something today!

Love ya and have a great day!


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