011 How to hold yourself accountable for the last 90 days

This week the squirrelly mamas have a random conversation about how it is one year from the time Heidi, Doreen, and Jill met for dinner in Tacoma and discussed what each of us wanted to achieve in the last 90 days of the year. We got the idea from Rachel Hollis #last 90 day challenge. What a great concept!!! (shout out to Rachel). Even though some things did not pan out, what did was quitting a few bad habits, and a weekly connection of old friends getting together to help hold each of us accountable each week.

If you are struggling with accountability and follow through we would love to suggest free goal sheet to help guide you through the process. Please sign up and get the link to the freebie!

  1. If you write everything down you can immediately see all that needs to be accomplished. Then you can identify which goals you want to achieve in the next 3 months.

2. Break down the goals into workable tasks that you can approach everyday. Then at the end of each day or week see what you did good that day/week and what did not work. This will help you as you move forward into a new day/week.

3. There is nothing like a group of friends supporting each other to help one another reach goals and help with holding you accountable.

Can’t wait to see how things will pan out.

Have a great day,

Heidi, Doreen, and Jill

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